Saturday, August 27, 2016

I am just a PASSENGER

Passenger is what you should listen before you go to sleep.Those who don't know who passenger is, here is the wiki intro for you guys.

Michael David Rosenberg (born 17 May 1984), better known by his stage name Passenger, is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Previously the main vocalist and songwriter of Passenger, Rosenberg opted to keep the band's name for his solo work after the band dissolved in 2009.

      Passenger has the right mix of love, pain, happiness, joy, and many others emotions you would experience while you listen to their soothing music and heart touching lyrics. Michael David takes you to core of your emotions and makes you experience little things you stop experiencing in this fast moving life. The music is so intoxicating that once you get into it, you will find it hard to get out of it. You will get a hint of it from "Somebody's Love" video embedded below.


A Feature about a band is incomplete without the top 10 song list, so here is my top 10 for Passenger.

  • Somebody's Love
  • Let Her Go
  • The Wrong Direction
  • Holes
  • Sacre away the dark
  • All the little lights
  • Heart on Fire
  • You're on my Mind
  • Caravan
  • Patient Love
That's all from my side. I hope you enjoyed the post and if you like the songs share this post and if you have different top 10 comment it below.