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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wilder Mind by Mumford & Sons

      "Wilder Mind" is the latest album from a relatively new band called Mumford & Sons. For those who don't know Mumford & Sons, they formed in 2007 in London and they consist of 4 Members(Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall & Ted Dwane). They previously released two albums which were successful by and large . They have a distinct musical style in which they mix alternative rock with folk music which is soothing and easy on ears.
    Moving on to the album, this is a 12 track album with 4 live versions of some songs added in the deluxe version.
Track listing
1.Tompkins Square Park 
3.The Wolf  
4.Wilder Mind
5.Just Smoke
7.Snake Eyes
8.Broad-Shouldered Beasts
9.Cold Arms
11.Only Love
12.Hot Gates

   Deluxe edition bonus tracks
13.Tompkins Square Park (live)
14.Believe (live)
15.The Wolf (live)

16.Snake Eyes (live)

          "Wilder Mind" is just a magical compilation of songs which flow one after another smoothly. You will feel the synergy in the album as the tracks start to numb the pain out  of your mind. Starting from "Tompkins Park Square" to " Hot gates" you will forget the time and just get into the album. I know it may seem to you why I am so over praising this album so much, but I have my reasons. I can't even list out 4 best songs out of it because all of them equally touched my heart at some point of time. All of the songs has their moments and each of them will be taking you to different place.
         I don't know how some websites have rated this album negatively, but generally it has favorable reviews from critics and users. I wouldn't rate this album because grading something so beautiful will destroy it. Comparing it with something else will be injustice to the artist and music. So to keep it simple, its a lovely album with lovely tracks by a lovely band. Just listen to it and tell me how you guys found it in comments. Adios..