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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Switchfoot @ HRC Pune

       Hi guys, Now its been about a year I've written something here but now you can't miss events like a Switchfoot Concert. Last month Switchfoot toured 3 venues in India namely Mumbai, Pune and Deli and all the gigs were arranged in Hard Rock Cafe of the respective venues. 
 As soon as I heard the news I booked the VIP tickets for Pune show and seeing that my friend from Hyderabad booked the tickets too. Now I haven't gone to a HRC before so I was very excited. I met my friend in a Mall nearby and we had  pre gig chat about all the +Switchfoot previously heard and songs from the latest album +Fading West. We were discussing all the Set list probabilities and when would they play their all time favorite "Meant To LIve". When we reached there, their must be couple hundred people there waiting to for the gates to open. We had small talk with couple of people outside till the entry gates opened.

Ambiance inside was amazing as there were Rock N Roll posters, Guitars and T shirts hung around everywhere. Their technician started the sound check as we were waiting for them. After waiting for an hour they came and blasted the stage. They started with "Say it like you  mean it" which I didn't heard before the concert. I was pumped up but I was waiting for a familiar song and then they started playing "Stars" which I like a lot. After these two songs I don't remember the perfect order the songs but I remember the most of the songs that were played.    
They played  most of the songs from their new album "Fading West". Among them "Who we are" is my favorite and while performing it Jon Foreman dived into the crowed and that was amazing. "Love alone is worth the fight" & "When We Come Alive" were also great. After playing some of the songs the band went inside and we got really disappointed as most of our favorite songs were not played. But after some time Jon Foreman Came back alone and after few minutes the others followed and then they played all their famous old tracks. "Dare you to Move" and "Only Hope" were amazing and he played both acoustic and normal version of them. And at the very end they played "Meant to Live" and just before that all of our devices got drained (from camera to phone) and that made me wonder that some moments are not meant to be recorded but they are "Meant to Live".