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Monday, December 30, 2013

Beer, Babes & Bands

      TGIOF(The Great Indian October Fest) is the Indian version of the famous Oktoberfest of Germany which is the biggest beer festival of India. This year it was held at Bangalore and +Hoobastank was headlining. So I decided to give it a chance and went to bangalore. Met some friends there and one of my friend accompanied  me.
Get this party started

     None of us were a big +Hoobastank  fans here, we just wanted to take break from daily life. We reached the venue 2 hours before the gate opening so we wasted some time and got inside at 3 o clock. So if you guys don't have any idea of a beer festival let me explain it to you cause this was my first experience too. Its not a just like a regular concert. There were three stages there. I only remember the main stage which was name "Kingsland". There were many beer counters which is quite obvious. Other things included food corners,he rope. 
Music was also not just limited to rock as there was also shows for House music and Fusion lovers which didn't interested me as they were in a different stage.

    So the show started roughly at five. The first band to perform was a Chennai based band named 'Skrat'. The lead singer looked like +Billie Joe Armstrong. Thier music was something like "never heard this shit before". Bit amateurish but they knew what they were doing. They took the crowd to another level and till they performed we just forgot that Hoobastank is also gonna perform here. There was another band after them which basically covered some great songs like "We will rock you" and "Beat it".There was another band in or way to Hoobastank. It was called +One Nite Stand Band. They played quite professionally as all their chords felt right. There was no chance of a mistake there. There music was good but the lyrics were not that interesting.


At last Hoobastsank made an appearance and started with a song called "Same Direction". We were all totally hammered till then but the blood started flowing in our body just by thier starting number. They played numerous songs which I've never heard and some were also from thier latest album which I came to know just a day before the show. I knew they will close the show with "The Reason" so when they started that song I was was quite excited but then I realized that after this it is over. So floating in that mixed feeling I sang that song with the crowd. But to my surprise they sang another song that night and threw 3 TShirts in the crowd( I got none:( ). And we walked down the streets of bangalore remembering all the good time.