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Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm just sick of reviewing this trilogy. Its really my fault because I could have written a single big review of it but I chose the longer way and I'm stuck. I'll stop whining and start some reviewing now.Its a 12 track album and tracklist is-
1. "Brutal Love"
2. "Missing You"
3. "8th Avenue Serenade"
4. "Drama Queen"
5. "X-Kid"
6. "Sex, Drugs & Violence"
7. "A Little Boy Named Train"
8. "Amanda"
9. "Walk Away"
10. "Dirty Rotten Bastards"
11. "99 Revolutions"
12. "The Forgotten"
     Opening track "Brutal Love" is a slow paced song but has good sections in it. You'll love it for a second then in an instant you see its bit disappointing at places. "Missing You" is a improvement. Its a stereotypical cheesy song but sometimes this is what you want. "8th Avenue Serenade" has a addictive music which makes you like it in a second. Its a short song so it won't bugger you much if you don't like these kinds of song. "Drama Queen" is a acoustic track with limited lyrics. You'll remember the lyrics if you hear it twice.
       "X-Kid" shifts the gear and takes the album to another dimension. From here the things speed up a little. Its a single so obviously its one of a good tracks but till now I didn't find anything here to remember forever. "Sex, Drug & Violence" the name itself explains a lot but don't get too excited by the name cause over excitement causes disappointment in some cases. I'm not saying its a bad song but not that great. "The Little Boy Named Train" is the strangest named song in the trilogy. Its a average song like most of other tracks in this album. "Amanda" is a song which makes me think a song by song review is not required for this album.
       "Walk Away" starts up slow but in seconds it paces up but it doesn't have much lyrics. "Dirty Rotten Bastards" is a song used to promote the album. It has great starting music but as the song goes on I didn't  feel as pumped up as I was in the beginning. Still it is a good song and one of the best in the album. "99 Revolutions" has exciting music which for a second takes you to another level and says the party is not over yet. "The Forgotten" is track featured in "Twilight" but don't hate for that. Its a great song with real good lyrics. There is small guitar solo in between which I liked a lot.
      Overall the album is average with few exceptions. So I'll give 3.5 stars out of 5 to it. If you got other two you must get this one too just to complete the trilogy.