Tuesday, March 5, 2013


    Dos is the second album in the trilogy. Out of these three albums this is the only one with 13 tracks as rest of them have 12 tracks. There are following tracks in the album

1."See You Tonight"
2."Fuck Time"
3."Stop When the Red Lights Flash"
4."Lazy Bones" 
5."Wild One"
6."Makeout Party"
7."Stray Heart" ("Drama Queen" on early vinyl pressings)
9."Baby Eyes"
10."Lady Cobra"
12."Wow! That's Loud"

      First track is not so great as its a bit dull and slow but don't get disappointed as this gives a totally false idea of the album as you go to next song you will totally be cheered up. "Fuck Time" does not have a high tempo but its lyrics will get you pumped up. "Stop When the Red Lights Flash" is bit monotonous with bit boring and repetitive lyrics.
      Till this point you 'll have a second thought about this album. But the next track will completely change your mind. "Lazy Bones" is the best song in the album with a very good and easy lyrics and great music. You just can't can't listen this song just once as you'll play it again and again. "Wild One" is totally a karaoke song. It has easy lyrics and you don't need any special skills to sing this song. "Makeout Party" changes the tempo by picking it a little bit up. Its a ok song but there is nothing to write about it.
      "Stray Heart" is the first single of this album and is quite popular as its video was released to promote the album so most of you have listened this song and those who haven't its just like a title track of the album and might be the most melodious track of the album. "Ashley" is a short song with not much lyrics as it all revolves around "Ashley". Transition from this song to "Baby Eyes" is not that noticeable but you will get it as the song commences.
      "Lady Cobra" is a average song which is not worth mentioning. A song like "Nightlife" is not expected from Green Day and I'm saying this in a good way. It is the funkiest piece of music in this album and I like it a lot. It contains a a little rap and some other things which you'll understand when you listen to it. "Wow! That's Loud" has good music but I didn't like the lyrics so I'll not recommend this song. "Amy" is the last track of this album and I really like how this song starts. It also doesn't have blaring guitars so it gives a calm ending to this album.
    I'll give a 3.5 stars out of 5 to it as I liked 8 songs out of 13 which is equivalent to 3 star rating but I gave it more as I really liked the other songs in this alum. I'll be listening to 3rd and last installment of the series so I'll review it soon. Ta Ta :)

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