Tuesday, June 26, 2012

LiViNg ThInGs

Living Things: Review
Linkin park released their latest studio album last week. I didn't liked 'A thousand suns' so I was not that excited about this album. But being LP fan I had to listen to this thing. And voila its amazing. Its LP rejuvenated  but it takes care of old LP fans. It has something for everyone. Actually it is quite a life story of Linkin Park. It has elements of all the previous Lp albums. I could actually hear bennington of "From the Inside" in "I'll be gone".
I didn't expected this much from this album.
         What new in this album is it has high end sound mixing. A lot of work is done in syncing music to get the best sounding music. Each and every beat is beautiful. It has a lot of instruments in it but still it is mind soothing. I don't know how they did it but they conquered my heart. It also gives a new direction to rock music. Each and every song is less than 4 mins and this makes them more interesting.
       Some of the tracks are slow with low bpm and others are quite LP style nu metal tracks. "Powerless" and "Roads untravelled" are some of the soothing songs while "I'll be Gone" and "Burn it down" is classic LP. There are some song which are just between these two categories like "Castle of grass".  Please do justice with the songs by using a good sound system or head phones (creative recommended).
       I liked almost all the songs of the album. So I'll rate this album 4.5 stars out of 5. Its a big improvement over 'A thousand suns'. The track list is as follows-

No.         Title                                Length        
1.            "Lost in the Echo"              3:25
2.            "In My Remains"                 3:20
3.            "Burn It Down"                  3:50
4.            "Lies Greed Misery"           2:26
5.            "I'll Be Gone"                    3:31
6.            "Castle of Glass"               3:25
7.            "Victimized"                     1:46
8.            "Roads Untraveled"           3:49
9.            "Skin to Bone"                  2:48
10.          "Until It Breaks"                3:43
11.          "Tinfoil"                           1:11
12.          "Powerless"                      3:44

Enjoy listeng to this album and until the next post keep Rockin'.