Tuesday, January 31, 2012

All You Need Is Love

All the albums  by "The Beatles"

About 3 months have been passed and I've not given any any posts. So I now feel its perfectly right time to give a new blog post. Recently I watched a musical "Across the Universe" . Movie is ain't that good but I liked the theme as the story was told by covers of Beatles songs. According to me all the rock music is inspired from The Beatles. 
      I first heard The Beatles when I watched a biography/film on them in The History Channel. In that movie I just saw a basic outline what beatles was. To get some more action I started listening to them and I felt they were really great. Their music was so good that it didn't even bother me that they were gay. They just blew me over with their music. They had melody, great lyrics, soothing music and the British accent. Only thing I hated about them was that they were from the city of Liverpool(I really really hate Liverpool F.C.). 
     So why these English fags are so special. They are special cause they are so original. They didn't derived their music from anyone. They invented their own music and taught the Americans that you guys might have invented the "Rock n Roll' but we are teaching the world what rock music is. These guys were just phenomenal. They have such simple music and lyrics like no complex solo's no weird lyrics its just like they are sending a message to the world which is sweeter than sugar. 
    I don't know if any band can even be compared with them. Some people say the RS or the VU or something else but they forget that you can't compare  inventor of Mobile Phone  to the Graham Bell. I'm not saying that any other artists or bands didn't make any original music but I just wanna say that other bands didn't impact the future of Rock music
in The Beatles way. So many artist today are inspired by them. Some of 'em are even my favourites like U2 and Coldplay. 
    So here I am a homophobic & a "Manchester United" Fan trying to convince the world that a gay band from Liverpool were the best rock music can have till now. For me they made this genre and they were the grandmasters. it does not matters me cause I just love their music. All those who haven't listen to any of the Beatles please listen to it. Have a good life, Rock N Roll.