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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Top Guitar Riffs

Guitars are the most significant and memorable part of Rock music. So I thought of compiling a Top 10 list of my favorite guitar songs but while compiling it increased to 25. This list is very much different from the other lists in RS mag or the billboard cause they give much preference to Classic Rock. I've just compiled a list of most memorable guitar tunes. So the list is as follows......

25.Layla by Derek & the Dominos

24.School's Out by Alice Cooper

23.Ironman by Black Sabbath

22.Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

21.Talk by Coldplay

20.All along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix

19.Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi

18.There She Goes by The La's

17.Where is my Mind by The Pixies

16.Wonderwall by Oasis

15.Cocaine by Eric Clapton

14. Laid by Matt Nathanson

13.Californication by RHCP

12.Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd

11.Hotel California by The Eagles

10.Smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana

9.Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

8.Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

7.Snow by RHCP

6.Fade to Black by Metallica

5.Meant to Live by Switchfoot

4.Paranoid by Black Sabbath

3.Sweet Child O' mine by Guns 'N' Roses

2.Back in Black by AC/DC

1.One last Breath by Creed

One Last breath is no.1 in my list cause its the song that made me believe that rock music is nothing without guitars. This is solely base on my personal taste so if guys have a different list in your mind plz comment. Thank You for reading