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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eagles to Eagles of Death Metal

Change is not for the good sometimes

Rock music had a glorious past, a decent present but the trends show that its future is in a dumpster. Rock n Roll has lost its meaning now. All its left now is noise. There are many bands out there say that we play thrash metal but what they really play is just thrash. Just for the clarification I don't hate the Eagles of DM. I just used them as it made the post title catchy.
         What rock music is suffering now, country music suffered it a long time ago and If we play the blame game then actually rock music killed country music. So then something must be killing rock music too. But its rock music itself and lil' bit of rap too. Rock music is evolving in such a great pace and there is so many genres in it. Death Metal(Thrash Metal) is on of the most famous genres in the present. There are a lot of metal bands starting in the colleges everyday. They just have noise for music and scream for lyrics.
        Rock music scenario today is there are some rock legends of yesterday who are now just old farts(like gnr and metallica) are making shitty albums, then there are these thrash metal bands which are good for nothing and the rest is the only good remaining in the rock world.
        Another reason for decline in rock music is that today kids want to listen to lady gaga and Justin Beiber. These things are not only affecting rock music but are also a curse to music world. I don't have have anything against rap or pop music as I also listen to them sometimes. Rock music is above all of it. It has a beauty that it doesn't need a trained singer to sing it ,rock stars don't lip sync at their concert and what is important that it can be enjoyed for years.
       But there is still hope as we see some bands like RHCP, Green Day, Coldplay and many more. These bands are still giving what this genere deserves. There are some bands like LP which were good at first but lost their originality now. Some of the rock bands are now singin pop songs just to sell cds. But they must under stand that thieir fans love them as a rock band and if they switch genere I have only one thing to say to the "F**k you".
     I just want see rock music up high and rollin till I die. Long live rock n roll.