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Monday, October 10, 2011

Stones V/S Velvet Vol. 2

Rolling Stones V/s Velvet underground

As I said in my last post I'm a tarantino fan and I wanted to bring this post in two parts, so this is the my second post of the clash of these two big classic rock bands. I also did it in two parts cause it was getting pretty long and boring in a single post. In my last post I did Velvet Underground Songs so I'll be doing Rolling Stones songs this time. As I said in my last post that I would be reviewing 16 RS songs and the song list is as follows-

  1. As tears go by
  2. Lady Jane
  3. (I can't get no) Satisfaction
  4. Sympathy for the devil
  5. Gimme Shelter
  6. You can't always get what you wan't
  7. Honky Tonk Woman
  8. Jumping Jack Flash
  9. Paint it Black
  10. Street Fighting Man
  11. Ruby Tuesday
  12. Wild Horses
  13. Tumbling Dice
  14. Beat of Burden
  15. Brown Sugar
  16. Miss You
First song in the list is "As tears go by" which is a beautiful song. It doesn't sound like a song by a rock and roll band instead it sounds quite soothing and graceful song.Most of Rolling Stones songs are like this only. These guys knew how to touch peoples heart.
"Lady Jane" is a cute little song with some background guitars but no drums. It doesn't have much lyrics so anyone can remember it and sing along. Its also a low tempo song so its kinda lovely for the couples. "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" is one of the biggest hits from RS and it ranks 2nd in all time greatest song. It has influence from many genres and it also influenced other genres. Its actually a song which you get by mixing all the good things(Just like powerpuff girls). Great lyrics, Great Music, Classic.
           "Sympathy for the Devil" starts like a African tribal song, tribal beats and strange sounds.I didn't like the song  in the beginning but I liked as it commences. Its a 6 min song so It gets a lil bit boring in the middle but all in all its a good song. "Gimme Shelter" has got really good guitars in the beginning. Guitars are nothing extraordinary(not that hard to play) but they are totally spellbinding. It is the first song which makes me feel like I'm listening to rocknroll band. Listen to this song in a good stereo system and I bet you'll be amazed in the end. "You can't always get what you wan't" starts with a something a church choir sings and it slowly fades and then comes Mick and what you experience is pure Rolling stones music which is amazing. Its a 7 min. song but I liked it very much and didn't even felt bored in between. Its a greats song and if you haven't heard rolling stones till now you must start with this song.
          "Honky Tonk Woman" starts with drum beats and in secs comes guitars which seems like you've heard it somewhere. Its a more music and less words song and a song which is played hundred thousand times in bars. Its also a good song for a long drive. "Jumping Jack Flash" is lot like the last song and I don't have much to write about it.
"Paint it Black" takes the pace from the beginning and the goes in same speed. Its kinda gloomy song and whole song is sung in a low tone. Its shows a different perspective of Rolling stones because its different from other rolling stones songs. "Street Fighting Man" has got similar guitars like a song I once heard and now I can't remember it. Its a O.K. song and there is nothing special about it except it made me search my library and I can't find that song.
          "Ruby Tuesday"  is the best RS song I've heard till now and I don't think that there is any other RS song better than this. Its beauty is timeless and it'll never die. I've heard it countless times and and I'm totally addicted to it. "Wild Horses" is another great song and when I heard it first time  I can't believe that how can these beautiful songs can come back to back. As I said previously that these guys know how to touch peoples heart and the last two songs totally proves my statement. "Tumbling Dice" starts with very classy music which is mostly drums and guitars but it sounds great. It really liked its chorus. 
       "Beast of Burden" is a excellent mind soothing song. It is a song I would like to hear while sippin a margarita in a beach. Its relaxing and you will be in holly jolly mood after listening this song."Brown sugar" is another song on drugs. I didn't liked "Heroine" by VU but I really liked this song. It doesn't has much lyrics but it has excellent guitars.
"Miss You" starts wit a guitar riff which goes on for few secs. It has good lyrics and music. It is a slow song so it won't be difficult to follow the song.

   The Final Verdict:-
It almost took a month to hear all these songs again and again and write two posts on it. Both these bands were legends and influenced the whole music industry, pop culture and peoples lives with their songs. But if I have to choose one out of these two It'll surely be
The Rolling Stones
I chose rolling stones because while listening to their songs you can feel a kind of energy coming in to you. Its their creative energy they put in their song and you feel it when you listen to it. Its totally amazing. Velvet Underground is a great band but it didn't lasted for long as Lou Reed engaged in his solo career.