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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stones V/S Velvet Vol. 1

Rolling Stones V/s Velvet Underground

Comparison is not a good thing but its fun.

I don't have enough knowledge to compare these great classic rock bands but I've got a lot of free time and I like doing these kind of things. By seeing the above picture any living being would say that "What the fuck man, Its Rolling stones". But after reading a Velvet Underground article(in RS Mag) I got to know that they were as good as the stones but the luck was not with them. 
        The problem is that I haven't heard much songs of VU and RS. So I'm using the "The best of Velvet Underground" album songs for VU and RS mags top 500 list songs for Rolling Stones. This may not be the 'right' way to compare two bands but Its a 'smart' way i.e. time saving.This give us 16 Stones songs(2 of 'em from my own collection and rest from the list)  and 15 VU songs to compare. And there is a another concern. Should I include Lou Reed Songs in it.
       I started with VU songs and the first track is "I'm waiting for my man" which is a good song and with Lou Reed singin' this song it sounds amazing and what you like is that even if it is the same riffs and beats going in the background it never seems boring. Next song is "Femme Fatale" which is sweet song and a song u'll dedicate to a girl you love. "Run Run Run" is a song which a "Doors" fan would like. You would surely like the guitar solo in it."Heroin" starts from a low point and within a min or two it goes to a high tempo but and surely addict would like it and I've to say that I didn't like it.
        "All Tommorow's Parties"is the next song in the list and I really liked the way this song starts and u don't hear this kinda music these days. Its a soothing and sad song but its surely a great song."I'll be your mirror" is a song I really really liked. You'll understand why I've written two really in the last line after listening this song. While hearing this song u'll think that this the sweetest song in this world. "White light/White Heat" will kick up your mood. Its a refreshing song and its again a short one like the last song.
      "Stephanie Says" which is a again a slow song and is also a very sweet song. Music is very much soothing and this is a song which you add to a mix CD to gift someone special."What Goes On" can be used as a definition "Classic Rock". Its like I'll tell my son to listen to it and say "It's classic rock man". It has all the essential things that you would expect in this kinda song."Beginning to see the light" is the next song in the album and it goes fast but in the middle it puts brake and and shows you the reality and again goes to the point where it started. It just seems like a song for me(don't ask me the reason).
     If anyone of you've watched the movie "Adventureland" u'll surely know "Pale Blue eyes". All I've to say about this song is that its a masterpiece and just go and listen to this song if you don't believe me. "I can't stand it" has got really good music. From drums to the guitars everything is "A" class. You can't help shakin' your head to the music in this one. "Lisa Says" is another sweet and short song in this album. Its a delight for slow dance freaks. From music to lyrics everything is perfect for slow dancing. "Sweet Jane" is surely one of the best song from VU. When the song starts playin' you get a good feeling and it never disappoints you till the end. "Rock and Roll" is the last song of the album and as it feel good to end a album with a song like this. Its like ending a journey in happy mood. And we know that "All is well, If it ends well".
    Yesterday I watched "Kill Bill" again and I thought of writing this in two parts. So I'll end up this Clash of the Titans in my next post. So next time I'll be writing about rolling stones, till then SEE YA.