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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm With You: Review

Be my wife, I think you right that we should mate
Tell your friends, I got a factory of faith
Late last night, I had a dream that it was great
Tell your friends, I got a factory of faith

This is the chorus of the second track of Red Hot Chili Peppers new album I'm With You. It is a 14 track album and it is the 10th studio album of RHCP. From the first track to the last one the album its freakin good. And I can clearly notice the change in guitars as John left the band but I'm not disappointed at all. Actually I like this change. As it is said "Changes are for the good". One more change I noticed here is Anthony's mustache which u'll notice in Rain dance Maggie video. I like this album so much that I'll like to do a song by song review of it............
1) Monarchy of Roses-  Starts with strange distorted guitars and you say "what is it?" and  then comes the funky beats and you say its "Chili peppers". Its kicks off your mood and gets you excited. It has got a disco beats in it. RHCP likes to experiment and I think they never fail.

2) Factory of Faith- It is one of my favorite song of the album. It has everything you want from RHCP. Great chorus which you can sing all day, great beats and a lil bit of rappin. It is a song which really makes me happy.
Its not a song which you remember long long time but if you listen to this 10 years later u'll be as psyched as the day you first listened to it.

3) Brendan's Death Song- It is a slow paced song with a constant beat in the background. Its not a funky one, its the heartfelt one. Tempo and the volume of the background instruments increases from the middle of the song.Its definitely going to my "mind soothing" playlist. Its very well placed in the album. It gives us a break from high dose of PunknFunk .

4) Ethiopia- This song totally reflects the Image of "Classic Young Kiedis". Cause only he can have a lyrics like "E Aa o Aa E Aa AA". But the song is really good. Its has good bass work in it. I do recommend a noise isolation earphone to listen this song.

5) Annie Wants a baby- Starting bass sounds like "All Apologies" of Nirvana but in few seconds you know that its going in a different direction. Songs about Annie who wants a baby and she wants it now. Actually song doesn't mean anything but its a great song in all aspects. It is again a slow paced song and has great bass in the  background.

6) Look Around- Starts with high pace and again sets the party mood. It make us remember what RHCP was in the past. If you've never listened to old alums of RHCP than you should first give a visit to them and you would know what I'm talkin about. These type of things can't be found in "By the way" or "Stadium Arcadium".

7) The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie- It can be referred as the title track of the album. It is used for promoting the album in youtube and TV. It starts with bass, then comes a guitar riff and then you see Kiedis with mustache singing and you know its the track u'll like the most. But its not totally true as there many other songs u'll like equally in this album. Video of this song is released and is shot in Venice beach of L.A.
In the video the band is standing in a top of a building near the beach are performing to live audience. Video is quite catchy and u'll end up watching it 3-4 times just to see that Kiedis has a Mustache.

8) Did I let you know?- Starting music of this song sound like bhangra fusion. It has got a unique feeling about it. I haven't heard a song with this kind of music in it and I  mean it in a good way. It is a good song for the discs and I know it'll will be remixed later for the clubs. Actually I'm quite surprised by this song here.

9) Goodbye Hooray- This is the first song in the album I didn't liked so much. Still its not that bad and it can totally stay in your playlist. It has a variety of sounds in it. U'll forget at the end where it started from.

10) Happiness loves Company- It starts with piano and its quite a jolly mood song. It'll surely cheer you up. The piano continues in the background during the whole song. It has also got a great chorus that u'll like to sing all day. Don't know if its the piano but the song has a classy feel. You don't encounter these kind of songs  everyday.

11) Police Station- It has the "George Michael" feel in it. It has very soothing vocals. And I know that u'll like its lyrics too. What I like the most about Anthony is that he  can sing all types of the songs from these heart soothing ones to the stage wrecking ones.

12 Even You, Brutus?- This song tells that Anthony started singing due to "Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five". In his book(Scar tissue) anthony said that only two kind of people in this world can sing, the persons who have a great voice and the persons who can rap(rhyme). Song is great and while listening to it u'll forget that its a song by a rock band.

13 Meet me at the Corner- Its a gloomy and heartfelt song. Its slow placed but has great lyrics. Its a great song to apologize. But it ends in a lil bit of happy mood.
14 Dance, Dance, Dance- Its a great way to end the album and its also great song to end a party. Because in a party you get happy, sad, excited and disappointed but in the end who gives a crap man its just a party and you gotta dance. This whole album is just like a party cause it takes you in different places and different moods and this song is a great way to end it.

Its a great album according to me and i'll give 5 stars to it.