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Monday, August 8, 2011

Death Magnetic: Reviewed

You must be thinking why I'm reviewing a album which was released about 3 years ago. Actually I heard this album about three years ago but didn't like it then very much and as I'm attending Metallica concert this October I thought why not give it another try.
       First track of the album is good and quite heart racing but second and third tracks disappoint me very much. What  I don't like in it is that they are just making noise in it. As a Metallica fan I know that they can do a lot better than this. Fourth track(The day that never comes) is life saver. It has all the things that can be in a Metallica song, great guitars great vocals. Next song can easily be ignored. Then comes "Cyanide" which is fuckin good track and it has pretty good guitars in it. 
      I had great expectations from next song as it is named "Unforgiven III" and it fulfilled it all. It is not as good as first two songs with the same name but it is pretty good if it is compared to rest of the album. It got good lyrics which is not seen in rest of the album. Next song is " The Judas Kiss" is  nothing to write about. "Suicide & Redemption" is a nine minute guitar solo which is O.k. Last track is "My Apocalypse" which is good and a great way to end the album.
       If I want to sum it all I'll say that it is a average album with some good songs in it. But what I can surely say that it is way better than GnR's "Chinese Democracy".