Monday, July 25, 2011

Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll



Actually it is both of it.
Its the way you interpret it. For some people music is just time pass and for some people its their life. Oh u might be wondering whats with the post title. As I was saying its how you interpret it. From the start of rock music it has been considered as evil by the parents. But why something so much cool  and pure is considered evil. Its reason is the side effects it had in our society. Its the other other two words written before Rock N Roll.

Why sex and drugs come before the music which we love the most? Its because most of us interpreted it wrong. And I'm not just blaming the fans I'm also blaming the artists. Actually the artists must be blamed more cause they are our role models. We do what they do. If they forget that what made them so big is their music how their fans will remember it.Kurt Cobain one of my favorite artist shot himself cause he couldn't get a shot of cocaine.He didn't deserved this kind of death. Drug abuse is common with most of the rock bands.From Aerosmith to RHCP its like it is necessary to take drugs if u like Rock music. One thing what I like about RHCP that they all got sober afterwards. Its not like that I don't like these bands but I don't like it when they endorse drugs abuse and sleeping around with 1000 of girls. There are also bands like U2 and Coldplay who are totally clean and give us such a good music. 
                I don't need drugs or anything like that to enjoy music. If I want to get high I just listen to "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. We need to understand that our love for rock music should not lead to these things. These things might feel good at start but it leads us to a dead end. Its up to you that you want to  die in vain or live long and enjoy rock music.


  1. Please tell everyone in the Music Bizz that promotes sex laws I said they are pathetic:

    Take Hollywood for instance,
    Here you could tell the police where to drugs are coming in to the
    city and how, and because the industry runs on the stuff the Hollywood
    drug slinger is too big too fail,

    The people in charge go home to their wives who live on cocaine and
    diet pills, powder their nose and pay off a Judge or two online before
    going to bed, check on their Pay Pal account and the donations from
    people paying them to talk bad about sex offenders promote sex laws and continue the lie to keep the job offered by the Spinners for the Wizard.

    These same movie/music moguls will point a finger at the same person who they hired as answering service women to talk that talk suggestively to clients, referring the sexy ones to sex hot lines and if checked the phone numbers lost by NPR move to sex hot lines who say they are trying to fight homelessness when sex laws only create homelessness, or like the GoDaddy group that have the girls dance
    suggestively, to find anyone to set up; Or send their own kids out to
    black male the mark to extort a favor or money for what ever they need
    in an effort of control through the I'm better than you mentality
    because "look what I can do", I go after the bad guys but even the cops/FBI or FED's won't go after the Mr. Big who is probably a CIA agent that started the whole thing or a DEA agent because we all know they deal drugs and if you don't believe me Google it.

    The problem with a probation sentence or any sentencer concerning a sex offense for any political prison-alble sex offense is simple. The
    man may as well have gotten the death penalty, since now he will lose
    his job, be forced on the street, unable to make ends meet, have
    people chasing him around, and effecting his health and sex treatment is the biggest joke of all when people need so badly to make sex a mental health issue as if being sexually attracted to anyone is a mental disorder.

    People have sex, kids have sex with or with out someone else involved, and humanity can not survive with out humans procreating kids get curious and want to see boobs and find out how they feel, and anyone that makes too much of that is not interested in their development.

    We have thousands of miles of nothing but land between big cities and
    we crowd up in high rises spending all our money on cops hunting down
    little guys and murdering them for a sex offense now that the laws
    have been written so obtuse that people are getting prison for
    attempted oral sex and going to jail for touching someone by accident in a store checking out (true story there is a man in jail that has been there for over a year because he won't admit to sex charges under these circumstances in D-Pod Twin Towers LA county jail now) and sex laws are only getting worse each day.

    The laws are ridiculous. The only way to contact congress (our law
    makers) is to get on Facebook and sex offenders can't do that so when
    someone stabs, brakes bones of a sex offender they have no way of even
    reporting the crime to their representatives, These laws have become
    genocide plan and simple.

    So as for Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll I say its time to rock n roll against sex laws because 95% plus of all so called sex offenses are committed by someone not on the sex offender registry, and we all know someone like "O" Riley who would only be happy if he had his trophy wife and five hundred thousand slaves. So wise up and stop sex laws. Because if you haven't figured it out yet, all they the powers that be are doing is profiting on every move made good or bad and they give nothing in return.

    Keith Richard Radford Jr
    818 527-806

  2. You Got a lot of insight in the Hollywood....