Monday, July 25, 2011

Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll



Actually it is both of it.
Its the way you interpret it. For some people music is just time pass and for some people its their life. Oh u might be wondering whats with the post title. As I was saying its how you interpret it. From the start of rock music it has been considered as evil by the parents. But why something so much cool  and pure is considered evil. Its reason is the side effects it had in our society. Its the other other two words written before Rock N Roll.

Why sex and drugs come before the music which we love the most? Its because most of us interpreted it wrong. And I'm not just blaming the fans I'm also blaming the artists. Actually the artists must be blamed more cause they are our role models. We do what they do. If they forget that what made them so big is their music how their fans will remember it.Kurt Cobain one of my favorite artist shot himself cause he couldn't get a shot of cocaine.He didn't deserved this kind of death. Drug abuse is common with most of the rock bands.From Aerosmith to RHCP its like it is necessary to take drugs if u like Rock music. One thing what I like about RHCP that they all got sober afterwards. Its not like that I don't like these bands but I don't like it when they endorse drugs abuse and sleeping around with 1000 of girls. There are also bands like U2 and Coldplay who are totally clean and give us such a good music. 
                I don't need drugs or anything like that to enjoy music. If I want to get high I just listen to "Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. We need to understand that our love for rock music should not lead to these things. These things might feel good at start but it leads us to a dead end. Its up to you that you want to  die in vain or live long and enjoy rock music.