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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good ol' times with The Good ol' boys.........

              Its Summer time and I'm in home without my laptop and that's why I'm fiddling with my old desktop computer, and while browsing my old song library I realized that a lot of things changed in these two years. My taste of music didn't change as I always loved rock and i'll love it till my death. What I forgot was that I used to listen to some songs in school time and now I just skip them when they start playing in my mobile.
Come on baby light my fire 
            Those were the songs which I loved when I was a school boy and now I just skip'em. Now I don't listen to them cause I'm a college boy. But while I was listening to them in my old computer i felt something special. These songs introduced me to the world of rock. These songs told me that "Buddy I can show u heaven, Right here and right now". 

          I even heard those old lp songs which I started  hatin' these days.What I missed the most in the college was The Doors and there keyboard which I used to adore a lot when I was in school. A lot of share goes to my cousin brother Abhijeet who literally introduced me to the world of rock. I listened to limp bizkit, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Def leppard and The Eagles again and again this summer and it made me realized that "Old is Gold". These guys know how to  rock and I love 'em a lot.

I wanna Runaway
Soldier of fortune  
         Hysteria when you're near
I know why you wanna hate me...
Everything can change in a New York Minute
     woo hoo i'm Livin on a prayer