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Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABC's of Rock Bands.......

While just roaming around in different blogs I just found some new shit to do...........
So I'm writin a alphabetical list of my favorite bands.......
It's quite hard for me as I gotta designate a single band to a letter (god save me).......

A is for Aerosmith 

  B is for Bryan Adams

C is for Coldplay

D is for Def Leppard

E is for The Eagles

F is for Foo Fighters

G is for Guns 'N' Roses
H is for Hollywood Undead

I is for Iron Maiden

J is for Jimmy Eat World

K is for The Killers

L is for Linkin Park

M is for Metallica

N is for Nirvana

O is for The Offspring

P is for Pink Floyd

 Q is for Queen
R is for RHCP

S is for Sum41

T is for Travis

U is for U2

V is for Van Morrison

W is for Weezer

X is for X-Ecutioners

I don't know any rock band from letter Y thats why I am adding Yves larock to the list.
Y is for Yves Larock

I don't listen to any band whose name stars with Z. The only one I know is The Zombie.
Z is for The Zombies