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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey this is my first post and in this post Im goin to write about a scottish band Travis...............

               Travis are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, Scotland, comprising Fran Healy (lead vocalist, guitar, piano, banjo), Dougie Payne (bass guitar, backing vocals), Andy Dunlop (lead guitar, banjo, keyboards, backing vocals) and Neil Primrose (drums, percussion). They named themselves after the Harry Dean Stanton character Travis Henderson from the film Paris, Texas.
             My friend suggested me this band and I think it gives some kickass alternative and Indie Rock songs. They have released  6 studio albums and I've listened four of them.

Travis Discography

Good Feeling(1997)
  Their first album "Good Feeling" was not  so successful. It reached no. 9 on the British charts. But quickly dropped as the tracks were not so popular. I haven't  heard any of the track from this album but I'll recommend you to listen to it and give me feedback by commenting on this blog.

The Man Who(1999)

                             This is my favorite Travis album. It was released in late spring of 1999.It reached #1 in the British charts was also released in USA and Canada. It was the most successful British album of the year with 2.7 million copies were sold in UK only. "Writin to reach you" is my favorite track from this album. "Driftwood" & "Why does it always rain on me?" are other good tracks from this album. 
The Invisible band(2001)
                              This is their third studio album and was released in 2001.This album spent its first four week on #1 position in UK charts and sold in 4 weeks what "The Man Who" sold in 26 weeks. There are many good tracks in this album but my personal favorites are "Side", "Sing" and "Flower in the window".
12 Memories(2003)
                                  This album entered the charts at #3 position and failed to sell across the country. It was the major disappointment for the band. Songs in this album are not so good except "Love will come through". It got on only 1x platinum status while the previous two albums got 4x and 10x platinum status.
The Boy with No Name(2007)
                               The name of the album came about when lead singer Fran Healy and his partner Nora were deciding on a name for their newly born son. During this time, he sent a photo of his son to friend by email and labeled the photo "The Boy with No Name". 
Travis dedicated this album to the Abbey Road Studios chief master engineer Chris Blair and British world champion rally driver Richard Burns, who died of a brain tumor at the age of 34 in 2005. This album contain many of my favorite tracks like "Closer", "Big Chair", "Under the Moonlight", "My Eyes" and "Colder".
The Boy with No Name entered at #4 on the UK Album Charts and #1 on the UK iTunes charts. In the U.S., the album debuted at number 58 on the Billboard 200, selling 12,000 copies in its first week.

Ode to J. Smith(2008)

                             I've not heard this album so can't say anything about it. You guys must hear it and give me some feedback. Ode to J. Smith entered the UK Album Chart at #20, lower than many people's expectations, who expected the album to make the Top 10. In the December 2008 issue of Q Magazine, Ode to J Smith appeared at number 28 on a list of the Readers' Best Albums Of 2008.
  I hope you people like my blog. If you like it then please follow it. I would be happy if you start following Travis after reading my blog. Comment on the post to express your views. My next post would be on another band and will be posted soon.  Till then goodbye and rock n roll baby.............